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Multiple mold designs such as Pro/E, CAD, UG, etc. Provide mold design services, designing over 3000 sets of automotive components
Equipped with CNC machining capabilities such as 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis, capable of processing high complexity parts and conducting 100% quality inspection before shipment
Sheet metal stamping
Capable of bending, stamping, riveting, welding, and various cutting processing capabilities, capable of processing materials such as metal and carbon fiber board, supporting over 20 surface treatment methods
Die-casting molding
We have processing capabilities such as rubber vulcanization, plastic injection molding, and aluminum die-casting. Having various materials such as engineering plastics, natural rubber, aluminum, etc., can produce a large number of automotive parts
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Exclusive customer service
A professional customer service team of over 30 people provides 1v1 exclusive services to customers, fully understanding processing needs, and providing detailed answers to relevant questions。
Quick response
7X24 hour service, instant response, timely communication of processing progress, quick problem-solving, and providing service support to customers anytime, anywhere.
Worry free after-sales service
If there is a quality problem with the delivered product, or if the delivered product does not conform to the prototype design, we will rework and repair it free of charge.
Professional delivery
More than 80 people of professional delivery team, control the production progress, timely discovery, traceability, investigation of various process anomalies, grasp the real situation of production, to ensure the delivery of orders on schedule.
Collaborative manufacturing
300+ cooperative factory, with sheet metal processing, mechanical processing, drip plastic injection molding, die casting forging processing capabilities, to provide buyers with on-time, high-quality online parts manufacturing and processing services.
System tracking
Relying on the collaborative manufacturing system, from both ends of supply and demand, all aspects of digital control of quotation, order, production, quality inspection, logistics and other processes, view real-time order progress, grasp the order delivery time.
Manufacturing standard
For non-standard parts manufacturing to develop more than 200 manufacturing standards, order production in strict accordance with the implementation of the standards, through a standardized process, from the source to control quality.
Quality inspection system
It is equipped with a quality inspection team of more than 100 people in more than 20 groups in various regions, as well as more than 100 sets of various types of testing equipment, and double testing before delivery to ensure high-quality delivery of products.
Overall quality inspection
100% inspection of the appearance, size and material of all products before shipment to ensure that each product delivered is not lower than the quality requirements of customers.
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